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SLR01/02 - Water treatment

With the development of industrialization and urbanization, the pollution in underground and river basin water becomes more and more serious. In remote countryside and pasturing area, there are many farmers and herdsmen live dispersedly and centralized power supply is hard to realize. Moreover, what they are drinking is brackish water because the water treatment can’t be conducted because of the shortage of normal power supply. Fortunately, PV water pump system can provide power for water treatment equipment on the one hand, and implement sustainable development of energy as well as clean utilization of water resource on the other hand.

Solar energy water treatment system which is composed of solar energy components, solar energy pump controller, water pump and other related water treatment equipments can be applied to sea and brackish water desalination, sewage treatment, etc,. Its theory is to drive the water pump and treatment equipments (reverse osmosis system) through the electricity generated by solar energy.


The system can support two modes of electricity generation.

Its inbuilt maximum power point tracking.

SLR01/02 drives are equipped with three operation modes.

Pressure limit mode under power supply from solar panels..

The system is applicable to asynchronous and synchronous motor and support DC input, single- phase AC input and three-phase AC input.

System Info

GTAKE has rich experience in the applications of low-voltage AC drive and new-energy vehicle motor controller at home and abroad because of its persistent R&D in these fields.