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GTAKE Wins the Best Supporting Product Awards
2018-01-27 11:01:07 GTAKE IBD Share

Electric vehicle industry has attracted much attention in recent years spread across China and worldwide. The coordination of different segments of the whole industry, their healthy development, as well as the advocation of benchmarks are particularly important for the future development. On the evening of January 17, 2018, the Gold Panda Awards, sponsored by EV Partner, the Second China EV Industry Annual Awards Ceremony came to an end. The awards ceremony, with the concept of selecting brilliant enterprises in the EV industry, plays an important role in the promotion of good EV products, transmission of green energy solution, and popularization of the widespread use of the electric vehicles. 

A total of six awards are set up in this competition, of which the Annual Best Supporting Product Enterprise Awards, are divided into four groups, including batteries, motors, EV motor controllers and other parts.

GTAKE, at the top of the list displayed on the screen. 

The GTAKE representative receives the Grand Prize at the 2nd Best Supporting Product Awards (EV Motor Controller). 

The annual appraisal of China’s EV industry, as the most authoritative activity in this industry, has an extraordinary influence in China since its first launch. The second one received broader recognition from the public dramatically. It is believed that under the activity of this appraisal, reputed enterprises in EV industry will be well known to the users and the public. Also electric vehicle industry will be facilitated in China, and significantly it will bring on cooperative development worldwide. GTAKE, the Grand Prize Winner of this competition, will continue to apply more its resources to research and develop better technology, products, and solutions, as its reward to the users and the society. 


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