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Manufacture 2.0 - MES Operating Smoothly
2017-07-29 12:05:40 GTAKE BD Share
To improve the efficiency of its supply chain as well as product quality, GTAKE initiated the bring-in of MES in Aug., 22th, 2016. This system has been operating smoothly since May 2017, attributing to the effort made by all its involved employees in different divisions.

MES VS ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)



The plan and management system specialized in the coordinating management of manpower, property and material, helps to solve problems on plan, finance, supply chain, etc.


The production management system, controls the whole manufacturing process by collecting real-time data of equipment, quality, logistics, plan, operators and so forth. As an extension of ERP, MES provides feedback of executing data to ERP through a great deal of software and hardware, such as production equipment, test devices, RFID, barcode facilities, PLC, sensors, and PDA. 

To make plant management more intelligent, high-efficiency and reliable

01 Digital and foolproof manufacturing process

To avoid errors resulting from the absence of mind, every manufacturing process of AC drives and EV motor controllers is monitored by digital devices and all the operators shall strictly follow the planned routines. Once there is an operation different from the production sequences or using wrong material, the digital system will prompt the error.


02 Docked to test data

Being connected with the PCBA test tooling, MES is able to generate the test reports automatically. All the inspection items can be drawn out via using PDA to scan the barcode and the test results could be confirmed manually, which leaves out tedious processes like filling in the test reports manually.


03 Real-time data update
The monitor board in workshop and the production report are updated in real time so as to help production supervisors to know the production situation instantly. The supervisors shall well arrange operators, deploy devices, adjust the production plan, remedy the on-site process and solve the problems during the production of VFDs and EV motor speed controllers by comparing past data with on-site information.

04 Tracks every manufacturing process
MES records all the information of quality inspection, and could be able to trace the quality issues. By scanning the bar codes of finished products, all the information of the production processes of variable frequency drives and EV motor drives could be found, including the material supply data like delivery time, inspection data, the operator in every process, the inspector in each procedure, and the inspection data. Meanwhile, MES paves the way for GTAKE to figure out improvement through data analysis.

05 Intellectualized flow process
MES docks the firmware update tool and label printing program for all the products produced by GTAKE, like variable speed drives and electric vehicle motor controllers. After scanning the material barcode, MES can finish the firmware update and print the label automatically, avoiding the errors caused by manual operation.

06 MES docks with ATE
MES connects with ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) intelligently, grabbing the testing data automatically. When it comes to the burn-in test for VSDs, EV motor controllers as well as their accessories, the system can control the burn-in time strictly. Once the system finds that the burn-in time is not sufficient or the products have not passed through the test of ATE, the defective products would be forbidden to flow in next manufacturing process, all judged by the system automatically.

Warehouse management standardized

01 Warehouse multi-dimensional management
The stocked materials are managed by their barcodes, batches and versions. The warehouse keepers could know the material information through scanning the barcode, including designation, location, quantity, version, etc. It is awfully convenient for the warehouse keepers to receive components and release different models of frequency inverters and EV motor drives quickly, as well as the human errors could be refrained dramatically.

02 Material positioned easily 
The material is bound with its warehousing location through MES, which enables the warehouse keepers to master the material information easily at any time, such as quantity, location and whereabouts. 

02 Seamless data transmission
The warehouse keepers no longer need to input the in/out stock receipts into ERP system manually, kinds of traditional, inefficient and error-prone, but to use PDA to generate the receipts automatically with the help of MES.

According to the description above, we know that MES is a production management system, controlling and tracking all the manufacture processes including materials, production flows, quality, equipment, operators, etc., so that we could judge and come up with solution quickly. The production process in workshop is not a “black box” anymore, as the MES makes it transparent, high-efficiency, controllable while it also helps the enterprise improve the product quality, shorten the delivery time, lower the cost and strengthen its competitiveness.

After over one-month trial since July 1st, 2017, based on the production data cross-comparison, quality analysis, supply chain management, MES proves to be quite efficient to GTAKE production system, and is enhancing its product quality remarkably. GTAKE will continue to spare no efforts in forging and upgrading itself to be a world-class enterprise in the field of automation. 


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