Steering the Power of the Sun
SLR01/02, solar water pump drives, support either PV panel DC input or grid AC input.
These inverters can quickly capture and track the maximum power point according to the radiation intensity, and always maintain the maximum output power of the system in speed non-limited mode. Users are using these inverters in the regions which do not have wide coverage of grid electricity or where the availability of electricity is uncertain. Also, many people opt to use solar pump drives for the purpose of environmental protection, or to reduce the cost of operation such as replacing traditional diesel generators used for pumping water.

Flexible configuration and control
SLR series solar pump dedicated drives are applicable to both asynchronous motors and PMSMs.
The mains input can be solar panel DC, AC single phase, or AC three phase. Users are free to choose a single-phase motor or three-phase motor according to the wish. Those drives are able to be programmed to different working modes, like pressure control mode under AC power supply, constant speed mode under AC power supply, pressure limited mode under power supply from PV panels, and multistep pressure mode.

After research and work with a professional team from the University of Granada for three years, GTAKE has successfully launched SLR01/02 solar pump drives. The team from GTAKE and the University of Granada spent a lot of energy into investigation, research, and test, so as to make the system work in its highest efficiency and the drives fit for various requirements of different applications. In addition, all these drives are equipped with all-sided protection, such as dry run protection, pump choke protection, overpressure protection, useless startup prevention and so forth.

Classified user mode
SLR01/02 drives are equipped with three operation modes. Plug-and-Play Mode is for robust MPPT operation, while Senior Mode for the best performance of MPPT. Professional Mode is designed for the users who ask for comprehensive water supply functions.

Automatic run/sleep
When sunlight radiation meets the threshold requirement, a SLR01/02 solar pump drive starts automatically, and the pump connected to it begins to run. When the sunshine is weak, the pump will fall into sleep.

Dry run protection
Dry run protection is one of quite important functionalities for automatic operation of the water pumping system, realized by Gtake without requirement of signal feedback from any devices.
Please refer to SLR catalog and user manuals for details, or contact GTAKE technicians.

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