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GTAKE devotes itself for years to studying the operating characteristics of machine tools thoroughly and makes GS100M more applicable to that requirement, particularly to the spindle by optimizing its technology of field-weakening control, response time, extremely fast speed ramp, output torque stability and many other performances. Book-type frame with higher power density enables GS100M to be more friendly and easy to be mounted for varieties of machine tools.

Start Torque @0Hz


Overload Capability


Speed Accuracy ±


Speed Fluctuation ±


Ambient Temp ℃


Precision of Positioning ±


Speed Regulation


Fast Response ms

The efficiency of manufacture is increased dramatically
Mute technology
The noise of servo motor is reduced dramatically.

Closed-loop control
Eliminate the system absolute errors and realize high-precision positioning by superfine operational order, as well as the speed and acceleration speed is controlled flexibly.
Dual interfaces
Dual interfaces are procurable for communication, more convenient in wiring when multi-communication are required.

Standard DB ports
Standard DB port is applied to the I/O terminals and encoder, making the signals well shielded.
Rich extensibility
Support different encoders (ABZ/UVW/SIN/COS/Resolver) and communication protocol.
Book-type shape
Book-type shape: closed housing and isolated ventilation compartment keep the dust away from electronic components, prolonging the lifespan of the drive.The power density of the drives is optimized. In contrast with GK800 series, the volume of the drives 3.7kW and 5.5kW are reduced by 17% and 43% respectively.
Please refer to GS100M DM and user manuals for details, or contact GTAKE technicians.

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