G04 Frame
Applicable to1

Applicable to all kinds of trucks, big buses over 12m, etc.
Compatible with synchronous and asynchronous motor

High system efficiency2
G04 motor controller can minimize the motor loss by unique control algorithm and PWM technology.

The highest efficiency for the whole system is >94%, while for motor system >96%;The area that its efficiency over 85%:>75%

Big power, small size
G04 EV inverter can reach 300kW peak power with the minimum size and weight. G04 controller is developed at the latest EV controller R&D platform, which has superior performance and quality.

Cutting-edge Technology
GTAKE self-developed algorithm improved the output torque and speed stability at all required points, which extraordinarily extends the operation range and the vehicle efficiency.

High IP grade
Rational placement, delicate material selection, and advanced manufacturing engineering make the IP grade up to IP67. Well-designed frames and thickened conformal coating protect the products against harsh environment.

CAN bus control
GTAKE EV/HEV motor drives support terminal control and CAN bus control. CAN node hardware connection can be realized by GTAKE drives directly., with the transmission baud rate up to 1 Mbps, real-time, safe and reliable.

Geared autodrive at low speed
When the vehicle is geared forward, but there is no step-on gas and brake signal, it could run at the set low speed with a matching output torque according to its load and slope degree of the road, shunned from unexpected slope slipping.

Overall protection
G02 EV/HEV motor controller is equipped with capability of protection on short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, overheating, over-load, and encoder disconnection, etc. Likewise, the battery protection can be well programmed and the controller can adjust feedback energy dynamically.
1 GTAKE supply all kinds of EV/HEV drives in the combination of N+N, including motor drive , motor drive + auxiliary controllers, single auxiliary controller  and multi auxiliary controllers, covering all EV drive solutions. For more information about EV/HEV drive selection and configuration, please refer to Catalog of GTAKE EV/HEV Drives or contact GTAKE. Some of the EV drives in this page are named according to China Standard naming rules. For details, please refer to the GTAKE EV DRIVE CATALOG.
2 Please contact GTAKE if you need this report or other reports upon other motor types.

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