Born for Safety & Comfortability
GK620E are specific for passenger and freight elevators installed in residential buildings, shopping malls, and office buildings.
The drives can be programmed to have a commendable leveling even they adopt open-loop control, reducing the cost of additional devices. Flexible S-curve program greatly improves comfortability for the elevator users. All elevator parameters gathered in one chapter in the user manual, and well furnished parameter default values make the commissioning easy and fast.

Safety and reliability
Safty at GK620E has the highest priority since we understand they are dedicated for passenger elevators. Through enable signal, the drive will enable the run of the motor only when the motor run contactor, all safty contactors are well closed. 220V AC UPS power supply, emergency speed, and inspection speed are supported or programmable at GK620E series, a full coverage on the safty requirement at the drive side.
Dedicated control sequence
Lift dedicated control sequence, big output torque at low frequency of V/Hz mode, and fast response time make the elevator motion stable and smooth.

Commendable leveling
Fast response time, programmable S-curve, slip compensation separated for elevator uplink or downlink make the car a commendable leveling for different motor brands.

Silky smoothness
Smoothness at the start and stop is quite important and the main reason for the users to select the drive or not. GK620E have a lot of approaches to program the smoothness at the start and stop, like smooth start frequency, DC injection brake, torque boost, V/Hz mode, brake sequency, and so forth.

Emergency and inspection speed preset and programmable
To make the wiring, commissioning and inspection easy, GK620E drives are configured with default emergency and inspection speed and corresponding wiring terminals. Operators are required to implement correct wiring and able to take advantage of these default settings for most of lift applications.

Easy commissioning
To reduce the time during commissioning is our consistent pursuit, for which we spent a lot of time in investigation, research and having in-depth conversation with elevator commissioning engineers before launching these elevator dedicated drives. For the majority of elevator applications, well-trained commissioning engineers just need to read through chapter 5 in GK620E user manual.
Please refer to GK620E catalog and user manuals for technical features, or contact GTAKE technicians.

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