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This is the official website for Jiangsu Gtake Electric Co., Ltd. (hereafter called “Gtake”) and following terms and conditions shall be taken as final and binding upon all users and browsers who are browsing the website. The website content are provided solely for non-official usage and all browsing users shall read the terms and conditions carefully, as well as abide strictly by the laws and regulations of the Internet. Once the users have browsed the website, including but not limited to browsing the website information, downloading website content, searching the third-party links etc., it proved that the users already have understood expressly and consented to all terms and conditions in this legal statement without doubt on the one hand, and are willing to take responsibility for all risks and legal obligation on the other hand.
The users shall pay close attention to the legal statement timely when browsing the website because the contained information of this legal statement is likely to be amended periodically and the website are not liable for the notification.
If the users don’t consent to any following terms and conditions, please stop using this website. As for violation of the terms and conditions, Gtake has the right to adopt legal and fair remedies.

Terms of service

1 All information and software on the website are available in current situation and make no express or implied warranty or conditions as to the accuracy, timeliness and non-infringement of the information and software.
2 The website provides solely related Internet service, any possible internet expense is charged by telecom operators.
3 The website may remains the links to the third-party sites, but Gtake takes no responsibility for guaranteeing the accuracy, completeness, sufficiency and reliability of any information, data, views, pictures, statements and suggestions provided on other sites. The users have the right to decide to visit these sites or not. The reason why Gtake provides these links is to make users more convenient and it doesn’t indicated that Gtake has accepted and recommended these information, nor for any promotion or advertisement.

The usage of website content

1 The website don’t have the obligation to investigate strictly about the users’ uploading videos, letters, pictures etc. and the users shall warrant that any uploading documents don’t infringes upon the proprietary rights of any third party. Unless the users or the right holders have special instruction about the uploading documents, otherwise, the behaviors of uploading are taken as authorized permission, which indicated that Gtake is entitled to the right to using all these documents for free.
2 If any organizations or individual deem(s) that the website content tends to violate their legitimate rights and interests, the written notification of their rights and interests shall be delivered to Gtake timely and they also shall provide identification, ownership certification, specific links (URL) and the details of violation. Gtake will remove the content related to the violation legally as soon as possible after received above-mentioned legal documents.


The website is not responsible for, and disclaim expressly all liability for any damages or losses of any users or third parties, including but not limited to the losses of data, the damages resulting from copying or downloading any information or documents contained within the site, no matter whether the damages and losses are based on warranty, contract, torts, illegal actions or any other legal theories, and whether the website has been advised of the possibility of such damage(s).

Applicable law and jurisdiction
1 Law of the PRC is applicable to any disputes arise from this statement or the use of this website.
2 In the event of any disputes arise from this statement or the use this website, such dispute shall be resolved through friendly negotiation; if failure to make the consensus of the parties through the negotiation, all parties consent to bring such dispute to the people’s court where Gtake’s party located.

Other terms

1 Although Gtake already has taken rational measures to protect the website from getting computer virus, there are no absolutely perfect secure measures for information Internet and we don’t guarantee anything about the computer virus. Therefore, the users shall take adequate secure measures to prevent computer virus personally. This website assumes no responsibility for computer virus.
2 The website reserves the right to explain and state this statement within the law.

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