Your future at GTAKE
At GTAKE, you build what matters, whether it’s the career you desire, crucial work skills, strong relationships or new technologies. There are meaningful jobs to be done in China and worldwide, working for projects with groundbreaking solutions, meeting the challenging demand, improving productivity, and bolstering local economies.

At your post
At any post at GTAKE, the employee is encouraged to have its best performance with his or her skill, knowledge, intelligence and passion. Different performance and contribution are returned by distinguished remuneration.
Different career opportunities
Some people particularly those after starting their work for a few months or years may find they are not able to apply their expertise, skill or intelligence most or could not distribute their greatest passion as wish at his or her current post. At GTAKE, you can experience different career opportunities by moving between our many divisions, departments, and locations after the evaluation of your qualification or providing our matching training, without ever having to start over at a new company.
Employee promotion policy
To escalate your career, GTAKE provides unbiased opportunities to all its employees for promotion regardless of age, gender, race, and the characteristics which are not indispensable for the new posts. GTAKE clearly indicates its promotion policy, promotion routes for different posts to all its related employees. The performances of all employees are recorded at GTAKE and they are all provided by related training for their skill or knowledge improvement for taking up higher assignments.  

Career training and development program
We invest in our people and have developed a series of special programs that enables you to pursue a career that fulfills your ambitions and potential. From one-on-one meetings with mentors to regular 360-degree feedback and routine check-ins with a long-term career plan, these programs give you ample opportunity to carve your own path toward leadership. GTAKE also have a strong support to your career from the beginning if you just graduated.
After you join,you have the opportunity to join programs designed to build your skills from entry-level all the way to executive-level.All newly hired employees, at all levels of experience, are provided with training and development programs designed to optimize their career at GTAKE. Our goal is to attract top-performing candidates into a supportive growth environment and to retain these individuals with challenging and satisfying work that meets their goals
and exceeds their expectations.You can realize unlimited growth potential at GTAKE. Our innovative culture emphasizes continued personal and professional development that enriches your talent, stretches your horizon and moves you forward with your career. These programs vary across our domestic and worldwide locations.

Remuneration and benefits
GTAKE aims to provide market competitive pay and rewards to attract, motivate and retain the highest quality, best connected and most productive people for our team. Our remuneration and benefits are structured to reward people for their individual and collective contribution to our success, for demonstrating our values in their actions and decisions, and for creating and enhancing value for all GTAKE stakeholders. 

Mandated benefits
Social insurance, housing fund, vacation, high temperature allowance, etc.
Universal benefits
Accident insurance, free dormitory, free working lunch, free shuttle bus service, free tour, free physical examination, festival gift, pension, serious disease solatium, birthday gift, wedding allowance, baby-birth allowance, cellphone compensation, travelling allowance, etc.
Special bebefits
Amusement fund, love aid fund, etc. 


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