Talent philosophy
We believe our people are a competitive advantage and, therefore, every leader at GTAKE is passionate about attracting and recruiting talents for key positions and deployment for future business exploration globally. All employees are empowered to navigate their own career development and to be accountable for knowing what is expected from them in terms of performance and development. 
Positive work environment
Every manager and all employees at all divisions and branches are encouraged to create a pleasurable and less stressful work environment that is filled with positivity and enjoyment, since we understand that positive workplaces tend to exhibit a common set of traits that is important for our physical, mental and emotional health and foster excellence, productivity and friendship.
Individual growth and development
Enterprise-wide training is well schemed inside and outside GTAKE for their better performance and continuous growth. The creation of a development plan starts with the employee, who knows best where he or she is motivated to grow and learn. Development is approached holistically and consists of identifying and leveraging strengths, as well as areas for improvement.

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